Create Your Business Website Without Coding For Free


    You have a fascinating idea and decided to create your own small business about it. This idea came from other worlds, and it can change society. No matter what people said about your small business idea, you are ready to give it a try. Feel all set to put all of your strength, effort, time, and skills into it.

    However, you do not know where to start, how to start, and who to work on it. Suddenly, you feel the waves are coming over you, and you are drowning in the ocean. If this scenario is describing your current situation, you should know that you are not alone.

    You can do anything, but not everything

    Thousands of entrepreneurs work many years on their ideas to establish their own small businesses. After spending many nights without sleep, running after investors to get some capital, and consulting the industry leaders, they all wait for the right time. However, waiting for it and not preparing for it is the first mistake.

    These entrepreneurs talk with many people, and each of them highlights a different point. Additionally, each of them claims this is the most crucial part for the small business. In the end, they give up on their business ideas, or they fail while trying to do everything at once.

    Create your online footprint

    Why do you need a website for your small business? It is just the beginning and not a company like Walmart. Your digital footprint (or your online presence) is the most significant marketing phase of your success. Rather than running after the customers to present your business, you can let them find you online. Also, if you are looking for an investor for your small business, your website will be the first place they will look.

    Small businesses can benefit from a simplistic design. If a website is user-friendly and has convenient checkouts, the customer journey becomes less stressful for the consumer. Don’t let your business get lost in cyberspace! Make sure that your business name is crawled by Google. So that not only you get found but people also give you their trust indicated by doing business with you.

    Building a free website without coding for your small business

    One of the main obstacles of small businesses is the budget or capital. Every cent matters and you need to spend it wisely since you have a tight budget. Today, creating a free website is possible, or maybe paying just a few dollars for a well-designed website. Looking for how to create a no-coding website for free, here are the steps.

    Step 1) Choose a domain name

    Your business name should be unique but also catchy. It is nice to check competitors (if you have any) and their domains. When you are creating a business, the name will be crucial. If you use a highly unique name for your business, people might not remember the name, and additionally, it will be hard to create relationships with the industry.

    On the other hand, if you use common phrases, you will face a high charge of the domain name. Lastly, be open using different domain extensions (at least for the beginning). Using “.com” is the most common extension, however, some domains are using very catchy extensions to make their names more recallable.

    In short:
    • Your domain name should not be a broad phrase
    • Your domain name should be catchy and easy to remember
    • Using different domain extensions is beneficial for tight-budget small businesses.

    Step 2) Choose a hosting & domain provider

    First, you need to understand what these things are. Everything on the internet has a physical location where they are stored. Hosting is a service that keeps your website in a specific location that can be accessed via the internet. When you visit a website, your browser goes to a specific address (like your home address) and brings the data. Therefore, your business website needs a location to be stored. Hosting providers gives storage for your website.

    If your budget is tight, you can use free hosting websites such as 000webhost. If you can spend $30-50 for a year, recommend using a well-known domain and hosting providers in this list. On the other hand, domain providers are the third-party companies which let you buy a domain. You can purchase any domain via different companies. However, it will be easier to use your hosting provider to buy your domain. If you want to have free domain and hosting, check freenom and infinityfree.

    In short:
    • Domain provider is a third party where you can rent a name.
    • Hosting is storing your website on a server.
    • You can find free hosting and free domain but it is recommended to spend a few dollars for them.

    Step 3) Choose a Content Management System (CMS)

    So, we have a domain and hosting provider already. That means, there is an allocated designated place for our website somewhere on the internet. Now, it is time to be creative and create a stunning website. Since we do not want to code or do not know how to code, we need to choose a content management system (CMS). CMS makes all the jobs for us and gives us a prepared code-free website.

    The most popular CMS is WordPress and the second one is Wix. Both of them provide both free and paid options. If you have some designing time and a little budget, WordPress will be helpful for your small business website. If you do not know how to design a website and want to make it as simple as Powerpoint, Wix will be a fair alternative.

    In short:
    • CMS helps you to manage no coding website.
    • WordPress and Wix are the most popular options and they offer free & paid packages

    Step 4) Choose a template for your website

    After you have decided on your content management system (CMS), you can google more for themes. If you decided on WordPress, they are offering hundreds of free themes. You need to choose one and adjust based on your needs. The same applies to Wix too. While designing, be careful to keep your website simple and understandable.

    Most of the entrepreneurs make their website full of text and media to explain what exactly they are doing. The customer or investor looks for how you change their life, what is the benefit. Therefore, describe your small business idea and how you are helping others. For more information, let the customers/clients contact you and create personal relationships.

    In short:
    • Search for the most suitable website theme for your small business.
    • Keep it simple and clean, complexity cause misunderstanding.

    Your free business website is ready to go!

    Here are the main steps for building your first small business website. The good news is, now you have a nice online footprint and your small business will be visible. However, this is just the beginning. After you have set your domain, hosting, CMS and design, you need to set Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tracking tools to understand your visitors’ behaviors.

    If you want to be more visible on Google, be sure your website optimized for SEO. Contact us now to learn more about how to optimize your small business website.

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