Technical SEO is the cornerstone for all businesses and all websites. Your website design, animations and engagements are extraordinary, however, the search engines can not see from your perspective.


Marganics provides you with the best website structure, site audit, code optimization, redirects, sitemaps, schema markup and more.

SEO services for Small Businesses


Content SEO includes exploring your audience interests and searches. Then you can optimize your contents' Meta Tags, Headings, URL structure and engagement easily. When you create high-quality content, you outrank the competitors easily. 


Marganics provides you with the most accurate content topics, content styles, the audience's last searches and interests with more information.


Link Building is not easy since you should co-operate with other bloggers, journalists and website owners. You should obtain and outreach a suitable person who has a probability to mention your content. Domain Authority is very crucial when you earn backlinks and not to get penalized.


Marganics provides you with the up-to-date email addresses of bloggers/website owners and outreaches them to earn high authoritative backlinks.


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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a practice improving the website's quality to gain more traffic. SEO helps to introduce your website to search engines by telling what you are talking about, what you are selling or what you have. Since search engines are made of robots (or we say crawlers), a website has to be built in a way that can be understood by these robots. When you implement SEO techniques to your website, search engines such as Google displays your website in a better rank when the user looks for your business-related keywords.

According to many researchers, most of the traffic comes from organic searches and paid traffic costs a lot. SEO implementations have the highest rate of conversion since when SEO has been implemented correctly it impacts for a long time. When your website has a value and ranked at better orders, you will be able to decrease your budget for paid advertisements. There are millions of webpages has no SEO value and not being ranked by any search engines. Optimizing your website for search engines gives a higher chance to get ranked at a better position which leads to better organic traffic.

In general, SEO has two subcategories which are On-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both of the strategies have to be implemented for a website to gain maximum conversion and traffic. On-page SEO includes the strategies which take place on the website itself such as boosting the website loading time, using a better website hierarchy, implementing long-tailed and correct keywords for Meta Tags. On the other hand, off-page SEO includes all activities which take place out of your website such as receiving backlinks from other websites, social media channels, mentioning from blog posts and more. Not one of them is more important than others and each website has to have whole SEO implementation.

When a website has a good structure and a sitemap, the crawlers can index the pages by better understanding. In other word, bots (crawlers) visit all websites and index pages to understand the website's related topic. SEO techniques help to crawlers to understand better in a short time, however, this is not the only way how SEO works. Also, a website gain value when other websites approve its trustworthiness by mentioning (giving a backlink). Search Engines evaluate thousands of different criteria both on-page and off-page to understand the website's authority. Every day new parameters are created to evaluate the website for the better user experience.

Implementation of SEO for a website takes different time and effort depends on the website's industry, competition, market, webpage number and other parameters. Very competitive industries need to release new content every day and renew the old contents frequently which consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, niche websites have less competition and SEO implementation for them takes less effort. Since each webpage has to be optimized, the number of webpages under the domain directly impacts the required investing time. Therefore, SEO might cost a very wide range based on the mentioned criteria. Contact us now for the best-priced tailor-made SEO package.

Digital marketing has many channels such as organic, paid, social media and others. Each channel has different advantages and costs which leads to sales. However, SEO has the most important role since most of the website traffic comes from organic search. Other paid channels can increase your traffic as long as you pay for it. On the other hand, SEO implementation is the cornerstone of a webpage since all of your work will impact your website traffic all the time. In the best practice, SEO and PPC should use together if the company can afford for the paid channel to gain maximum conversion. For small businesses, SEO is the very first step to enter the digital marketing world.

In contrast to paid channels, SEO does not impact immediately you applied for your website. Search engines crawl all the websites periodically and this time can not be known since it varies for each website. In general, the first impact starts after 3-4 months but when the website continues to handle SEO techniques based on trend variables, it can be seen obviously in 9-10 months.

Each website needs SEO implementations, especially small companies. When a start-up planted first marketing goal is to create awareness says we exist. Today's existence is not like the past times, a business needs to exist on the internet where all the users can find it. Small businesses have a limited budget for marketing and paid marketing channels might come expensive to start. However, SEO implementation depreciates its cost very easily and all the effort stays with the website all the time. To learn more about affordable tailor-made SEO packages contact us.

Who does not? If the search engines do not know your existence, are you exist? Today's terminology created an important image called the digital footprint. Your customers, readers or users can find your company via search engines, comment your company, share your posts and engage with all the other ways. You might have a small business, a personal blog/consultant or a large company but yes all the time you need good SEO service to drive traffic.

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