Social Media Management for Small Businesses


Every business needs shining social media accounts to impress potential customers. Your brand recognition starts with your digital footprint and continues with your audience engagement. Each post has to be customized for the platform to attain the maximum conversion rate.


Marganics provides you with the best customized social media account setups, monitoring and analyzing to maximize your digital footprint while enlarging your community.


Shouting your brand is not efficient anymore unless you specify the product and reaching the right audience. Outreaching is a time-consuming process if you do not have enough experience to know the right people. Reaching the competent people can help boost your brand.


Marganics provides you with the best time-saving outreaching process with many years of experience. Your social media accounts will be full of networks which leads to sales.


Using many hashtags are so attractive yet is it useful? What kind of content does your target audience engage more and willing to pay for it?  Following up-to-date viral contents frustrating and creating a viral is not so easy.


Marganics provides you with highly engaging contents and understands the audience's interests. Likes and shares are just a number but they can be a treasure map at the right hands.


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of Instagram users log in at least once per day

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of all visits from social media websites come from Facebook

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of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing

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of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to

FAQ About Social Media Management

Social Media management includes every action you take to present your online presence on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and others. Content creating, publishing, analyzing and monitoring are the headlines of the social media management. Social media platforms allow advertising both free and paid to reach out to a bigger audience.

All of us uses at least one social media channel to share our pictures, feelings, wishes or other reasons. In our daily life, when people have to wait for something or during transportation they check social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Since social media is very common and always under people's hand, it is the best platform to reach out. When a company uses the right social media channels to reach out right people with good quality content, all chain of actions leads to more sales. It is the best place to understand your audience's interests but more importantly to engage with them to create good relations which brings to loyalty.

There are few main types of social media platforms which are social networking, photo sharing and microblogging. Linkedin and Facebook are the good examples of social networking where people add each other to see their posts which can be a photo, blog, video or other types of content. Instagram and Pinterest are good examples of photo-sharing where people take pictures and publish on their accounts. Lastly, Twitter is the best microblogging platform for everyone to express your idea, thought or comment on everything. Businesses have to analyze and choose the most suitable social media platforms for them to reach out effectively. Marketing models such as B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G  have an important role to decide to choose the right marketing channel.

Each social media channel has its unique users and posting the same content at all platforms might not work. Social media managers analyze their target audience's behaviours and interests to create high-engaging contents to reach out to more people. Different contents posted on the different channels and by the time the followers or the audience enlarges thanks to all shares, likes and comments. When you get your audience and post high-quality contents, users' interest in your product/service brings to your website where they can purchase it. Keeping your relationship healthy with the audience is the key to your success. 

Good news is creating a social media account at most of the platforms are FREE. Creating content takes time but definitely, it returns the investment for sure. All platforms allow to you add people to your account or follow them for free. However, to reach out the maximum number of people might take a lot of time and effort. At this point, social media platforms offer paid advertisements to make this study more efficient. Paid advertisements on the social media channels vary based on the platform's policy, your ads frequency and other variables. To learn the best prices for the paid ads on social media channels, contact us.

There is no the best social media platform but there are most suitable social media channels for your business. Each business type such as B2B, B2C or C2C has a different relationship with the customer and target audience takes place on a different platform. If your company has B2B sales, starting social media on Instagram is not the best choice for you. However, if you run a boutique shop a picture sharing platform such as Instagram or Pinterest is the best place to start rather than Linkedin. Surely you can have all social media platforms but your time is precious and your conversion rates will be different on each channel. To learn more about the most suitable social media platform for your company, you can contact us for free.

Yes, every company needs social media accounts like a person. Nowadays, each person has many social media accounts to share more contents with more people. Just like a person, a company needs a few platforms to present their presence by enlarging digital footprint.  Advertising on TV channels, newspapers or billboards are very unfashionable, costly and has a very low conversion rate. Small businesses can use social media platforms efficiently for free or preferring paid advertisements with constrained budgets. Since the social media platforms show your ads to the right people, your conversion rate increase autonomously (Thanks to all algorithm developers). Small businesses and start-ups have to set their profiles carefully on social media to be found by users easily where they can initiate brand awareness. Using the right platform for your business makes you from zero to hero.  

Do you ask this question still? Your competitors already created their accounts, outreached the customers and shared many contents. It's never late to start your social media accounts to bring your customers back and build healthy relations whit them. Nowadays, even famous people are hiring social media managers to gain more followers, so why your business should not have one? If you have questions about social media management, contact us and let's talk about your business' image on social media. 

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